Roll of Honour; Local Heroines


ROLL OF HONOUR: just some of our nominations for Hertfordshire’s Hidden Heroines. Please add YOURS in the comments below!

Joy Batchelor, one of the first female animators, created Animal Farm the movie in 1954 and many more, including WW2 propaganda films

Casey Stoney MBE, defender for Team GB and Arsenal Ladies- they train/play home games in Borehamwood and she inspired lots of Herts girls to play football when she gave awards at the ESF Football Tournament

Zoe Jackson, dance coaching entrepreneur, started her first business at 16, MBE, campaigner for more creativity in schools, role model and inspiring a generation of young people to follow their dream as she did

Annie Brewster, ex-St Albans Mayor, now Portfolio Holder for Leisure Arts and Heritage at St Albans Council, hugely inspiring to many, many young girls with her can-do approach to literally everything during her time as mayor

Momotaz Rahim, local councillor, constantly taking on new challenges to improve life for people at a local, unsung level

Professor Janet Drew, leader in astrophysics at the University of Hertfordshire, top role model in making science possible and exciting for girls

Emma Watson, actor, an unstoppable force who inspired even Malala Yousafzi to decide to call herself a feminist. (By the way, Emma counts as a Herts Heroine because Harry Potter was filmed in Herts)

Marion Hammant, civic society campaigner, tenacious, never gave up, even in the most trying of circumstances

Esther Rantzen, TV presenter and campaigner, founded Childline

Who is your local Heroine? Get in touch and share your stories.

What we would like to know
Name of Hertfordshire heroine
When? Dates- for example, 1601-1676, or Now
Where? For instance, worked at Hatfield aerodrome
Why? What made/makes her a heroine- please tell us as much as you would like to get her story across to people who may not know her
Anything elseFor example, a website link or event

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