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Zena Bullmore - copyright Hemel Gazette

Zena Bullmore – copyright Hemel Today

From Hemel Today:
Passionate Zena was the founding member and chairman of the Dacorum Hospital Action Group from its inception in 1975, until age and deteriorating health saw her take a backseat on her campaigning.
According to the current chairman Betty Harris, Zena the ‘warrior princess’ fought to see the town’s hospital grow and she even achieved her dream of obtaining a purpose-built maternity unit for the site, which was sadly later closed.
Betty said: “Everyone in Dacorum will remember the marches, the collection of signatures on petitions week after week, hands around the hospital, bed push to Watford and journeys to London, Downing Street and the House of Commons.”
While services were gradually decommissioned at the Hillfield Road hospital, Betty believes it may well be that had Zena’s battle not been waged there would be nothing whatsoever left in Hemel Hempstead.
Betty added: “Occasionally in this world there will be a certain someone who makes a difference to everyone with whom they come into contact.
“That person was surely Zena and wherever she saw injustice, would fight to put things right.

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