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KathrynFerrersKatherine Ferrers, the Wicked Lady of Wheathampstead,  born 4th May1634 –   died 13th June1660, aristocrat and heiress made desperately poor by a feckless husband. According to popular legend, she was also a female highwaywoman who terrorized the county before dying from gunshot wounds sustained during a robbery.  The legend of her ghost grew up in Hertfordshire after many sightings on Nomansland Common of a dark shadowed horse galloping at high speed, as well as workers on the A5 being visited by a cloaked figure during the construction of the new bypass. Markyate Cell, Katherine’s home, still stands in its own grounds near Markyate and can be viewed from the A5. Read more about Katherine Ferrers on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Katherine_Ferrers



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