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Elisabeth Hudson founded the charity Earthworks, St. Albans in 1995 after she identified a need for meaningful day care for people with learning disabilities after the Care in Community Act resulted in a dearth of opportunities and work experience for learning disabled people. She also passionately believed people with learning disabilities had a valuable contribution to make to local communities.

Paul, one of our long standing Earthworkers, has this to say about Elisabeth: “Elisabeth was good friends with me, we used to talk about birds and wildlife. She was a good citizen. If it had not been for Elisabeth, I would have not made new friends here at Earthworks.”

Earthworks started with a 2 acre site of wasteland in Hixberry Lane and now we have many garden projects, market gardens, woodyard area, beautiful eco building, apple orchards, polytunnels and compost toilets! We are not on the electricity grid so we rely on some solar panels for a little electricity.

We have a small team of dedicated staff and some fantastic volunteers with around 80 Earthworkers attending every week to learn gardening, horticulture and outdoors skills. They also have a good time and make some lasting friendships. We see people thrive and grow and gain self esteem at Earthworks.

Elisabeth campaigned for equality and opportunity for learning disabled people and would be proud to see our Earthworkers making a recognisable contribution to the quality of life for the community and the local residents are able to see the brilliance of work achieved by people from whom little had been expected.

Earthworks, St. Albans is a registered charity no. 1067139

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