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Bel MorganPenny Morgan writes:

`I grew my own Herts Hidden Heroine; my daughter Bel.

One of the delights of knowing her is seeing her quiet way of willingly becoming involved in matters both outside and inside the family. When she was a teenager and sporty she got involved with a sports club for younger children. Then followed it up by volunteering over the summer holidays with a local play scheme helping disabled children and giving their families daytime respite. She was unfazed by the severity of problems she met as she has always had an understanding and calming way with young children. To this day she has dodged many baby-sitting requests but will always make time for her niece and nephew.

Much later when her father became ill with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) she quietly re-arranged her working hours so she did longer days allowing her to take off one working day a fortnight. This gave her time with her father, Howard, and support for me, her mother Penny. After Howard’s death in September 2015 she has continued to spend most of those days off supporting me with company and giggles about the absurd. When the family decided to seek donations for Parkinson’s Research in exchange for Howard’s military history books early in 2016, Bel staggered into work with two wheelie cases full of books. One of which collapsed as soon as she completed the journey.


Around that time, she and two friends planned to walk the Scottish West Highland Way in late May to raise money for Parkinson’s Research. Not only were they successful in completing a 105.2 mile walk, they also raised just over £3,000 for the charity between them.

As you can doubtless tell I am a very proud mother, who, with a certain bias, does regard my daughter as one of the hidden heroines from Hertfordshire!`