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LadyCarolineLambLady Caroline Lamb was an author and aristocrat who lived at Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire with her husband William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne. She had suffered much childhood illness, but in spite of this she considered herself a tomboy and hadn’t even learnt to read and write until she was a teenager. Her mother and grandmother had also given her Laudanum to calm her erratic behaviour! As a mother she looked after her son who had a disability when other aristocratic parents sent their children with physical and learning disabilities to institutions. This coupled with her husband’s singular career ambitions drove a wedge in the marriage. She was famous for a brief affair with Lord Byron, who ended the relationship after four months, leaving her heartbroken. Lady Caroline was thought to have coined the phrase ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ about her former lover Byron!

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Literary Works

Glenarvon, 1816

A New Canto, 1819

Graham Hamilton, 1822

Ada Reiss, 1823